Negative Publicity? Not for Ex-Baywatch Star

Web PRCelebrity and negative publicity often go together like hand in glove.

I’m sure you’ve followed the David Letterman extortion plot saga.He had affairs with female staff members and when faced with extortion he went public and admitted his failings with transparency and humor.

Letterman has received good grades in his response to the negative publicity. And his ratings are up 38% since the disclosure.And while Letterman’s ethics and response have been debated at length, in this article I focus on a lesser known celebrity’s response to negative publicity.

I chose this example because the issue is one more common and sympathetic: weight gain from a previously “hot” body.

Here’s the headline from The Huffington Post: “Nicole Eggert Fat? Baywatch Babe Takes on Weight Critics In Funny or Die Video”

The Situation

Nicole Eggert played lifeguard Summer Quinn in over45 episodes on Baywatch, the TV show from 1992-1994.

As such, she spent many an episode in [Read more…]

The 4 Pillars of the New PR

PR PillarsNew PR offers far more publicity opportunities than old PR ever did, especially for those who are not marketing experts.

In “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” author David Meerman Scott explains, “The Internet has made public relations public again, after years of almost exclusive focus on media. Blogs, online news releases and other forms of Web content let organizations communicate directly with buyers.”

In the past, the media, as gatekeepers, deemed who received exposure and who didn’t. New PR offers many ways to reach prospects, buyers and key influencers directly.

And yet with so many choices available, it’s easy to over emphasize technology and tools while core activities like strategy development often receive short shrift.

For that reason, I present “The 4 Pillars of the New PR.” (Complete with handy mnemonic device for easy reference: each pillar begins with the letter “S.”)

New PR Pillar #1: Strategy

Strategy is “the what” and tactics are “the how.” The “what” could be [Read more…]

3 Ways Free Press Release Sites Can Cost You

publicity-houndPress release marketing is one of the most effective methods to generate both media attention and targeted traffic to your web site.

Now if a little voice in your head cries “Oh no! One more thing to learn!” just calmly tell the little voice “thanks for sharing” and know this: if you blog, write articles and email autoresponders, you can easily repurpose that content into press releases.

All you need is the right formula and resources which I’ll share with you at the conclusion of this article. Now once a press release is written you need to distribute it. Enter today’s topic: free press release sites. The allure of free distribution is quite appealing. You can submit articles for free so why not press releases, right?

Most often, articles appear in directories. (Like With press releases, they are distributed to thousands of different web sites. As a result, sometimes costs are involved.

And while free press release sites can work, be aware of these three ways free press release sites can cost you:

1. Extra time investment

Time is money. With paid distribution you can rely on just one service, especially with established newswires like PR Newswire, BusinessWire and Marketwire. Even PRWeb provides enough coverage all on its own.

However, some major newswires aren’t budget-friendly. So it’s natural to consider free press release sites. But instead of using one provider now you’re using several. Each comes with its own interface, unique requirements, upgrades, etc. [Read more…]