Elements of a Effective “Quick-Start” System

Quick Start Guide ArticleIf you’re an info marketer, small business owner or a service professional, then having a Quick-Start (QS) system is critical to accelerate the growth of your business.

For instance, as marketer who teaches how to get wealthy in the Domaining business, my first aim is to inspire, motivate and influence new students (customers) to get steeped into my QS system.

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Whenever one of my Domaining prospects converts into a paid Domaining student (and becomes a new member of my “tribe”), I bend over backwards to make sure [Read more…]

Fuzzy Metrics Lead to Problems – Not Profits

MarketingOnline.com MetricsAs marketing professionals, it is one of our core responsibilities to measure our success. Right?

My colleague and friend, John Reese, once taught me that Internet marketers only need to measure two things:  YES or NO? and MORE or LESS?  I now call these two measurements the core duality metrics.

Pretty simple, eh?  Uh … not so much.

It’s true that you can only improve what you measure, but your measurements or “metrics” as we call it at MarketingOnline.com members call it, must be clear, specific and actionable in order to lead to improvements and profits.

Brent Dykes of Digital Marketing blog writes: [Read more…]

What Happens When You Just Market? Nothing!

Why Does Marketing Change Minds and Promotion Change Behavior?

Watch this video (above) if you want to once-and-for-all discover why your marketing skills are not enough.

If you want to monetize your presentations faster, better and easier, then it pays to learn how to develop and more effectively utilize your promotional skills.

Promoters are the “rainmakers” of the business world because they have the ability influence their most skeptical prospects to take action (by voting with their wallets) and become loyal customers.

The video above will take just 12 minutes out of your day, but what you discover may change your presentation style (and annual income) forever.

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“Beyond Chronic Pain”

Rebecca Rengo

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Rebecca Rengo, MA, MSW, LCSW, ACSW is a coach, psychotherapist, speaker and educator with 25 years of experience. Rebecca Rengo has master’s degrees in social work and public administration. She is the President of the Missouri Pain Initiative and a member of the American Pain Society and other related health and pain associations.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Rebecca Rengo tells the story behind her book, Beyond Chronic Pain. The book’s promise is “A get-well guidebook to soothe the body, mind and spirit.”

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Why An Article-A-Day Keeps The Recession Away

bailout-dollarArticle marketing has recession-proofed my online businesses. I know that is a big claim, and lots of people are talking about how to recession-proof your business right now.

Read on to discover how to really do it with Article Marketing and the article-a-day strategy.  Here are 7 ways an article-a-day can recession-proof your business:

1. Extend your reach – I like to call my articles my “international evergreen article agents.”

My articles allow me to reach all over the world into many markets that I could not have reached in any other way. And they are evergreen, which means they are out there forever, delivering good information with links back to my websites and blogs.

For example, just one of my articles published online in August of 2005 still receives an average of [Read more…]

“How To Be A Sales Superstar”

Mark Tewart

Listen to the Replay…

Mark Tewart has been an internationally recognized sales, sales marketing and sales management expert for many years. He became a top performing salesperson at 19 years old and went on to become one of the youngest automotive General Managers in the country at the age of 27.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Mark Tewart tells the story behind his book, How To Be A Sales Superstar. The book’s promise is “Break all the Rules and Succeed While Doing It.”

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The “Magic Formula” Revisited

Books with AppleWhether you want to improve your marketing communications with the spoken or written word, I believe one formula – The Magic Formula – is your fastest, easiest and most reliable tool to influence more prospects and customers.

The Magic Formula was first developed by Dale Carnegie and in three simple steps it’s everything you need to know to become an incredibly poised, polished and masterful communicator – online or offline!

Here’s the formula in its simplest form:

STEP 1:  Incident – What specific incident inspired the purpose surrounding of your topic?

STEP 2:  Action – What specific action do you want your listener/reader to take?

STEP 3:  Benefit – What specific benefits will your listeners/readers gain as a result of taking action?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read How To Win Friends And Influence People or if you want to become a professional speaker.  Carnegie’s Magic Formula is time-tested to hold any audience’s attention from the first time you utilize it.

The formula is practical communication tool that ensures immediate action taken by your listeners/readers.  Make it your secret to begin to dramatically improve the pulling-power of your websites, teleseminars and online videos.

You’ll be surprised and even thrilled by how frequently you find yourself reaching for this powerful technique to help you achieve your goals faster and boost the impact of your personal influence.

“The Power of Story”

Jim Loehr

Listen to the Replay…

Dr. Jim Loehr is Chairman and CEO of Human Performance Institute. He is a world renowned performance psychologist and author of The Power of Story: Rewrite Your Destiny in Business and in Life and co-author of the national bestseller The Power of Full Engagement – Managing Energy, not Time, is the key to High Performance and Personal Renewal.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Jim reveals the story behind his book, The Power of Story.

This remarkable book’s promise is “Rewriting Your Destiny in Business and in Life”.

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So … What’s Your Story?

Power of Story CoverIn his groundbreaking new book, Dr. Jim Loehr, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Power of Full Engagement, examines the way we tell stories about ourselves to ourselves.

“When you change your story, you will transform your business and personal life,” writes Dr. Loehr.

Click here to get free instant access to my Virtual Book Tour (VBT) on The Power of Story with Jim Loehr and be sure you also tell a friend or colleague whom you feel needs to rewrite their story ;-)

Because I’ve devoured his new book – 3 times – I want you to eavesdrop in on this VBT and hear me grill Jim on these fascinating topics:

Page 39:  “Why the premise of your story becomes the purpose of your life…”

Page 74:  “What the “Because I Can” syndrome is and how it can cripple you!”

Page 122:  “The 2 voices of storytellers – which one most likely requires rewriting…” <– This is a biggee!

Page 137:  “How the 3 rules of storytelling can change your life forever!”

Page 155:  “Why multi-tasking depletes your energy and lowers productivity…”

And much, much more!

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The $2.7 Million Giveaway (Recorded Live)

alex-sm1.jpgFor the past 21 months, I’ve been looking into how I might assist Entrepreneurial CEOs in North America to transform their business dreams into reality … faster, better and with less effort.

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