Endosements vs. Testimonials vs. Case Studies

testimonialsYour target market typically supports what it helps to create.  Getting your prospects and customers involved early on in any marketing campaign with online surveys, Ask campaigns or blog comments will help you build marketing momentum and expand your market reach.

In my 21+ years of marketing experience, I know of 3 types customer feedback that provide you social proof.  They are endorsements, testimonials and case studies.

When you reach out for an endorsement, testimonial or case study, you automatically impact the sustainability and organic (word-of-mouth) growth of your business.

Ever since I began my electronic marketing career in 1988, I’ve seen a lot confusion how endorsements, testimonials and case studies can add credibility to your business and product lines.

Many marketers use these [Read more…]

Daily Task Tips to Make Each Day More Productive

There’s a productivity principle called the “Rule of 5” which Jack Canfield taught me over 10 years ago.

He has since indicated many times during our monthly Ask Jack teleseminars that a daily practice of the Rule of 5 during his Chicken Soup for the Soul book launch days was significantly responsible for the meteoric rise and success of that book series.

That series he co-authored with another good friend, Mark Victor Hansen, is on a path to be the first book series, other than the bible, to sell over a billion books! 

Regardless whether or not Jack and Mark work the Rule of 5 as I do each week, I believe [Read more…]

Is This the Future of Book Publishing?

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weq_sHxghcg 480 295]

This clever video was brought to my attention by my literary agent, Bonnie Solow, who also happens to be the literary agent for Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Phil Town and others.

A lot is as stake in the book publishing world these days, so if you have a “traditional” book in your heart; or, if you’re in the process of getting your manuscript published, watch up to the 1 min, 7 sec mark – then notice what happens ;-)

You’ll be glad you did.

In the meantime, take a look at what my friend, Geneen Roth is up to lately … she has a new runaway best-selling book titled: Women Food And God.  I’m conducting a VBT with her in April … and you’ll get to see her on Oprah in May!

What To Do Now: Please comment and share how you feel the future of book publishing change the way we consume information in the next 10 years.  Be candid, brief and speak from your own experience.

Introducing the “Think – Play” Matrix

Abundance2Where you end-up in the Think-Play Matrix determines the results you get in your personal and professional life.

Click here in you’re in a hurry to watch the video now.

This simple 4-quadrant model offers an interesting and fresh new perspective into the abundance vs. scarcity mindsets and I’ve chosen it as my topic of discussion on the evening of January 21st, during the Virtual Abundance Expo.

What Is The Think-Play Matrix? Picture an “X-Y Axis” that has a 4-quadrant grid inside it.  The “X” axis that runs east and west represents the way you Think.   It’s about the “inner game” of the thoughts driven by the head, or what you think about.

The “Y” axis that runs north and south represents the way you Play. It’s more about the “outer game” of what your heart inspires you to do , or how you play.

If the X-axis represents the head and the Y-axis represents the heart, then the 4 possible Think-Play combinations are: [Read more…]

Will You Join Me On “The BIG Call?”

GlobalTSWeekMasterToday, December 1st, marks the first day of Global Teleseminar Week which also begins Teleseminar Marketing Season in winter and spring.

And on the first Thursday of December (for the past five years), I’ve hosted “The BIG Call” which is my biggest and most content-rich Teleseminar training of the year.  Do what it takes to join me, okay?

I really want you to clear your calendar for that evening and as you register for The BIG Call VIP Code: AM3964.  That VIP Code shaves-off $79 from the $99 tuition everybody will pay without it.

WHY Must You Participate? Because you’ll get private access to over 2 ½ hours of densely-rich content that will significant do two things for you:

1) More Money: You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of transforming your annual income into a monthly income within 3 years, or less!

2) More Time: You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of maintaining your current income (if you’re happy with your current income) and triple your time-off!

WHAT Is The BIG Call? It is a LIVE and unique Teleseminar training on how to grow (or start) a business by adding the cash-generating power of Teleseminars to your current and future marketing mix.

You will also get access to a 21-page Action Guide that you’ll fill-in during the call as you listen and follow along with me guiding you every minute along the way.

HOW Do You Participate? Just grab your mouse and click here. If you’re [Read more…]

What Makes Good Trusted Advisors Great?

jay-blog-post We are no longer in the Information Age.  We are at dawn of the Recommendation Age and what Entrepreneurial CEOs need most these days are trusted advisors.

And if you want to become the most recommended (and wealthiest) trusted advisor on your topic of expertise, then I encourage you to adopt the Thought Leadership (TL) Mindset.

As soon as Jay Abraham decided to adopt his TL Mindset, he quickly became the world’s highest paid marketing consultant … almost overnight!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll achieve the same revenue or status results that Jay has enjoyed over the past 30 years, but I can guarantee to educate you to make an intelligent decision on which TL Mindset is ideal for you.

The TL Mindset I discovered about myself was my unique ability to conduct Teleseminar expert interviews back in 2002. Since then I have been acknowledged by my colleagues, friends, mentors and students as “The Larry King of Teleseminars.”

I am now a trusted advisor for many of the world’s greatest Thought Leaders within the Human Potential Movement.

Now it wasn’t easy to get leaders such as [Read more…]

Short Movie About the Power of “Validation”

emotional1.jpgThe principle of validation can take on many meanings in English or any other language.

The best definition I’ve come up with (as it relates to human potential) is this 10-word sentence: “A specific acknowledgment of appreciation for a task well done.”

But the most curious thing about validation is that it feels just as good to the person who does the validating as it does to the person who gets validated.

As a trainer and teacher, I feel the most validated if one of my students unexpectedly shows their appreciation by verbally acknowledging the time and effort I put into designing the tele-curriculum.

How and why they show their validation is important to me, but when the validator is specific about what they appreciate about my training, it makes me feel even better.

Key Point: The more [Read more…]

The 3 “Marketing Paradoxes” Explained (Part 2)

Kid in Library 1In Part 1 of this Marketing Paradoxes three part series, you learned about the Paradox of Distribution which I defined as follows:

“You can’t get adequate distribution of a product until you’ve proven it can sell; but, you can’t prove a product can sell until you’ve gotten adequate distribution in the market.”  

The second Marketing Paradox I want to delineate here is what’s known as the Paradox of Choice

In fact, it’s the actual title of a ground-breaking book that belongs in every marketing library called, The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less by best-selling author and social psychologist, Barry Schwartz.

Paradox #2: The Paradox of Choice

I define this paradox from a marketer’s perspective as: [Read more…]

Discover the Power of “Soft Squeeze” Pages

Old ComputerIf you want to catapult your “pass-it-on” value of your free event marketing teleseminars … then it pays to consider the prospecting power of soft squeeze pages.

Most event marketers utilize the forced opt-in (“hard squeeze”) registration method to maximize list building efforts for their teleseminar events

Yet, the soft squeeze page is a fast, easy and counter-intuitive way to increase the size of your prospect list because you give the option of sampling your info product before requesting an email address.  This marketing secret is particularly effective with attracting more highly-targeted Affiliate Partner traffic.

Resource: www.FirstPassItOn.com

Glossary: A “soft squeeze” page is an optional “opt-in” form best utilized as an “auto-reminder” request when promoting your free teleseminar, tele-webcast or any other “recorded live” event marketing campaign.

Learn To “Leverage” Your Marketing Productivity

BrittanyIf you want to accelerate your professional productivity (maximum results in minimum time), then you must discover the secret to “virtualizing your physical enterprise.”

The best way to “virtualize” is simply to “leverage” human activities and replace them with “robotic” or “automated” activities.

Leverage here is defined as maximum productivity with minimum effort). A great example of how one best-selling author replaced “human” effort with leveraged automation is Jack Canfield with The Success Principles.

Jack and Mark Victor Hansen have sold over 100 million Chicken Soup books over the years uti lizing the “human” effort of physical promotion and book tours.  Yet, one “Virtual Book Tour” can sell more than 20 bookstore visits!

Resource: www.ReadTheBigWhiteBook.com

Glossary: “Virtualization” is the process of transforming redundant “human” multi-effort activities into single effort “virtual” results such as replacing many “physical” book tours with one Virtual Book Tour.