What is “The Shift” Happening in 2013?

Do you “LIKE” Tim Ferriss?

Have you ever read The 4-Hour Work Week?  Well today will be a special LIVE on-line event happening at 12pm PST.  Andrew McCauley and I discuss the “End of the World” and how it is going through a shift.

They talk about how things are going from a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) World to a “Done For You” (DFY) World.

So please tune in LIVE! at MarketingOnlineHangout.com this Friday, Dec. 21 at 12Noon PT / 3pm ET.

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How to Overcome Opportunity Seeker’s Disease (Part 1)

The Strategic EntrepreneurHow is your year going so far?  Have you achieved your New Year’s “business growth” resolutions you made back in late December or January?  Or, did you give up on them because they seem out of reach?

Only you know the answer to those questions.  But if you feel stuck with growing your business, this is the perfect moment to ask yourself the two critical questions management philosopher, Peter Drucker often asked business owners:

  1. “What business are you really in?”
  2. “How is the business doing?”

Today’s marketing lesson is not about your Purpose or your Passions or even your Profits. It’s about a disease that infects hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who consider themselves “lifelong learners,” yet they’re still unable to answer either one of Drucker’s questions.

This disease relentless distracts entrepreneurs daily. It consistently [Read more…]

Small Message, Big Impact

Terri Sjodin

If you’re a marketing professional who wants more impact in your business by utilizing a powerful “elevator speech” from scratch, take time to listen to this remarkable interview.

Listen to the Replay…

When you get a chance, grab your mouse and get three copies of Terri’s book; one for a colleague and one for anyone you know who has lost hope about creating an “elevator speech”.  The future of your business may rely on the 30 seconds of what you say when someone asks you, “What do you do?”  Click here to get this book and add it to your marketing library.

How To Use Failure to Grow Your Business [VIDEO]

Failure is just a part of life. The key is understanding how to learn from failure in order to become a better, more successful person. I recently came across a video on this subject from the Harvard Business Review. If you’re at all interested in learning how to understand and learn from your failures, watch the video below:

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Discover the Power of FAQ Templates to Capture More Online Sales

If you want to capture more online sales faster, better and with the least amount of human effort then I encourage you to develop FAQ templates.

What are FAQ templates? Well FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. So FAQ Templates are templates that allow you to include frequently asked questions on your web sites, blogs, and other marketing communications.

Adding FAQ sections to your websites and other marketing communications are often your very best automated sales tools that consistently and repeatedly capture more sales by minimizing resistance.

Whatever your area of expertise, there are frequently asked questions by your prospects and even your members and customers. You discover these FAQs in at least 2 ways:

1. Pay attention to what your prospects and community is typically asking you, and

2. Ask them. Ask them what their questions are, what their biggest challenges are, what they struggle with the most.

Then provide both the questions and answers on your web sites and marketing messages and you have now answered new prospects questions before they have even asked them. This ups your perceived expert status and reduces sales resistance from the beginning.
[Read more…]

Are You an Inventor Or Improver in Your Business?

“Never invent, always improve.”

This four-word sentence is indelibly etched in my mind right now. I also have that quote framed and hanging on the wall of my home office.

The marketing philosophy of choosing improvement over invention has generated millions of dollars for my info publishing business and my students’ businesses.

Although the idea of becoming an “Improver” is not as sexy as being known as an “Inventor,” it is improvement, not invention, that has generated billions for some of the most renowned Thought Leaders in history. Ironically, many of these folks have been inaccurately dubbed as “Inventors.”

Here’s one example: Nikola Tesla invented the modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems. Thomas Edison improved it. Telsa died broke. Edison died a millionaire.

Here’s another: Charles Haanel is the true “father of personal development” in my opinion. He invented The Master Key System, yet he died in obscurity acknowledged by only a few loyal followers. [Read more…]

Why Aren’t You On LinkedIn Yet?

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin

Are you on LinkedIn? If not, why not? The site has over 100 million members, with a new member joining every second. [Read more…]

The Seven Secrets of Action Management

Secret Number 1: Create Your Master To-Do List – Don’t write your list the day you want to do those things, write it the day before – sometimes a few days before. You want to write your master to-do list for the future. Why? Because it’s easier to come to a desk that’s clean and has a master to-do list that’s already been written sitting on it – that way, you can start your first prime-time hour by attacking that list and crossing things out. Isn’t that a lot easier than trying to invent things to do?

Secret Number 2: Block out your daily prime-time hours – A prime-time hour is anything you control 100% percent of and is going to generate revenue for you now or sometime in the future. Now, you can have just one prime-time hour a day or two a day, even four a day. Most people don’t have any.

Secret Number 3: During prime time, put pressure on yourself by using a timer – Put the timer where you can see it, right next to your computer screen. When that thing is counting down, is that putting pressure on you or what? When the beeper goes off, stop everything you’re doing. It’s incredibly important because you’ve got to give yourself a break.

Secret Number 4: Capture your big ideas digitally – Record three, four or maybe five thoughts that come into your head during the non-prime-time hours. And once they’re recorded, you don’t have to think about them anymore. You can purge them from your mind, freeing your brain to come up with more.

Secret Number 5: Offer one free consultation per week or per day – This is a free consult with a twist. The clients know that at the end of that consultation, if they want to continue to work with you, they are going to pay up at the end of the session.

Secret Number 6: Find a mutual coaching buddy – It’s great when you can give something to somebody, and they can give something back. Find a mutual coaching buddy.

Secret Number 7: Set your revenue quota every ninety days – First, figure out what you can make in a year, then divide that into weekly goals. Make sure it’s realistic. I like weekly goals because they’re easy to measure. Write down every week if you made it or not. Then, every 90 days, review how you did and adjust it – either up or down.

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Jim Rohn Lessons on Life [VIDEO]

I hope you take a few minutes to watch this video that I recently came across on the official SUCCESS magazine YouTube channel. It’s only about three minutes long, and is worth watching. Take a look:

Do you have a quote or saying that you try to live your life by? Post it in the comments section below. 


Internet Marketing Action Secrets – How to Digitally Capture Your Ideas

Here’s what I do from 6:30 to 7:30, I’m in prime time – not for the whole hour, but for 47 minutes. When that beeper goes off, I go downstairs and either do some sit-ups, pushups or grab a glass of water or a cup of coffee.

During that time, I have a digital recorder with me. It’s one I got from Radio Shack, for about sixty bucks. You deserve to give this to yourself, so spend sixty bucks. Don’t buy one that has two hours on it, or even sixty minutes. Buy one that only gives you fifteen minutes or at the most thirty minutes. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Record three, four or maybe five thoughts that come into your head during the non-prime-time hours. This is not only during your break, but during any non-prime-time hours. I keep that recorder next to me because then I can record my big ideas the moment they pop into my head. And once they’re recorded, you don’t have to think about them anymore. You can purge them from your mind, freeing your brain to come up with more.

Once you’ve digitally recorded five or six ideas, then I want you to write them down in an idea file – whether that is a notebook or a Word document. This is why I don’t want you to have two hours worth of recording time – if you have two hours worth of ideas on your recorder, you’re never going to transcribe them.

When you type them or write them, it’s different activity – a different modality of learning. So, now you have the tactile, the kinesthetic and the auditory. Heck, if there were scratch and sniff, I would do that to. Now, the idea really sticks.