How to Overcome Opportunity Seeker’s Disease (Part 1)

The Strategic EntrepreneurHow is your year going so far?  Have you achieved your New Year’s “business growth” resolutions you made back in late December or January?  Or, did you give up on them because they seem out of reach?

Only you know the answer to those questions.  But if you feel stuck with growing your business, this is the perfect moment to ask yourself the two critical questions management philosopher, Peter Drucker often asked business owners:

  1. “What business are you really in?”
  2. “How is the business doing?”

Today’s marketing lesson is not about your Purpose or your Passions or even your Profits. It’s about a disease that infects hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who consider themselves “lifelong learners,” yet they’re still unable to answer either one of Drucker’s questions.

This disease relentless distracts entrepreneurs daily. It consistently [Read more…]

How To Make A Better Business Card

Have you ever taken some time to actually look closely at your business card? What does it say to you? What do you think it says to others? If you’ve been thinking about getting new business cards, I want you to look through my tips outlined in the document below:

Did someone recently give you a business card that you really liked? What did you like about it? Leave your comments for me on my Facebook page.

Connect With Alex Mandossian On Your Favorite Social Media Sites

New York Times Best Selling author and master networker Harvey Mackay once wrote, “If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all truly successful people I’ve met in my life, I’d say it’s the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts.”

I couldn’t agree more. That is why I would like to personally invite each and every one of you to connect with me, Alex Mandossian, on your favorite social media sites.

Connect with me today. I’d love to start interacting with you:





Kind Words From Two Guerrilla Business Intensive Participants

I just wanted to take some time to thank two individuals who recently shared a video that included a few kind words about their experience with the GBI program. Grahame and Melissa met each other at the GBI program in Melbourne this year, and are already benefitting from what they learned at the event. Take a look at what they had to say:

Thanks again to Grahame and Melissa! I wish you both continued success. Keep up the good work.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

How Do You Boost Your Productivity With Daily Interruptions?

What do you do with interruptions if you work from home or work in an office? Here are three helpful tips: wear a productivity hat, set aside intervals of critical productivity time, and  turn off additional interruptions like your cell phone, your fax, etc. To learn more about each of these tips, take a few minutes out of your day to watch the following video now:

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Is Energy a Moral Virtue?

It was James Allen who first said, that ENERGY IS the working power in all achievement. Inert coal it converts into fire, and water it transmutes into steam; it vivifies and intensifies the commonest talent until it approaches to genius, and when it touches the mind of the dullard, it turns into a living fire that which before was sleeping in inertia.

Some people know what they need to do to have a successful internet business from home, but don’t extend the energy to get it done.  Watching this video may make the difference the next time you think for even one moment it’s not worth the energy.

Energy is a moral virtue, its opposing vice being laziness. As a virtue, it can be cultivated, and the lazy man can become energetic by forcibly arousing himself to exertion. Compared with the energetic man, the lazy man is not half alive. Even while the latter is talking about the difficult of doing a thing, the former is doing it. The active man has done a considerable amount of work before the lazy man has roused himself from sleep. While the lazy man is waiting for an opportunity, the active man has gone out, and met and utilized half a dozen opportunities. He does things while the other is rubbing his eyes.

What are the Major Attributes Of Leadership? | Servant Leadership Tips

The following are important factors of leadership. It’s relevant for all entrepreneurs, internet marketers and anyone who wants to market online and expects people to follow them:

1. UNWAVERING COURAGE based upon knowledge of self, and of one’s occupation. No follower wishes to be dominated by a leader who lacks self-confidence and courage. No intelligent follower will be dominated by such a leader very long.

2. SELF-CONTROL. The man who cannot control himself, can never control others. Self-control sets a mighty example for one’s followers, which the more intelligent will emulate.

3. A KEEN SENSE OF JUSTICE. Without a sense of fairness and justice, no leader can command and retain the respect of his followers.

4. DEFINITENESS OF DECISION. The man who wavers in his decisions, shows that he is not sure of himself. He cannot lead others successfully.

5. DEFINITENESS OF PLANS. The successful leader must plan his work, and work his plan. A leader who moves by guesswork, without practical, definite plans, is comparable to a ship without a rudder. Sooner or later he will land on the rocks.

6. THE HABIT OF DOING MORE THAN PAID FOR. One of the penalties of leadership is the necessity of willingness, upon the part of the leader, to do more than he requires of his followers. This is also the basis for servant leadership. You serve others by doing more than they expect.

7. A PLEASING PERSONALITY. No slovenly, careless person can become a successful leader. Leadership calls for respect. Followers will not respect a leader who does not grade high on all of the factors of a Pleasing Personality.

8. SYMPATHY AND UNDERSTANDING. The successful leader must be in sympathy with his followers. Moreover, he must understand them and their problems.

9. MASTERY OF DETAIL. Successful leadership calls for mastery of details of the leader’s position.

10. WILLINGNESS TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY. The successful leader must be willing to assume responsibility for the mistakes and the shortcomings of his followers. If he tries to shift this responsibility, he will not remain the leader. If one of his followers makes a mistake, and shows himself incompetent, the leader must consider that it is he who failed.

11. COOPERATION. The successful leader must understand, and apply the principle of cooperative effort and be able to induce his followers to do the same. Leadership calls for POWER, and power calls for COOPERATION.

If you are going to run your own internet marketing business, and make money from home on the internet you must learn the leadership skills that go along with being successful.

There are two forms of Leadership. The first, and by far the most effective, is LEADERSHIP BY CONSENT of, and with the sympathy of the followers.

The second is LEADERSHIP BY FORCE, without the consent and sympathy of the followers. History is filled with evidences that Leadership by Force cannot endure. The downfall and disappearance of “Dictators” and kings is significant. It means that people will not follow forced leadership indefinitely.

The world has just entered a new era of relationship between leaders and followers, which very clearly calls for new leaders, and a new brand of leadership in business and industry. Those who belong to the old school of leadership-by-force, must acquire an understanding of the new brand of leadership (cooperation) or be relegated to the rank and file of the followers.

There is no other way out for them.

Leadership by consent is what effective online marketing is all about. People will follow you online once they know how much you care, and how well you have embodied these major attributes of leadership.

What are your thoughts? Your comments are welcomed.

The Google Alert You Never Got

On March 11th, I received an email alert from my buddy, Marc Harty who posts his PR Traffic tips on this blog.

His email was disturbing because it was in response to an an email he received from my about my Virtual Book Tour with another buddy of mine, Harvey Mackay.

Here’s what Marc wrote me:

Alex, I wanted to let you know this right away … Gmail doesn’t show URLs with initial caps as link. This changed happened recently.  For a URL to be a link in Gmail it needs to contain:  1. the “www” and 2. all lowercase . Thought you should know.

Gee, thanks Marc … both  my emails for Harvey Mackay were in the queue and sent, so I couldn’t anything about it and I did get over 500 people on that VBT to listen in … but I wonder how many more people could have listened if I was aware of the recent change.

If you’re scratching you head right now say “Huh?” to yourself, then do yourself a favor and watch a 2 min. 5 sec video posted by Frank Bauer.  It’s the best explanation I’ve seen and he posted it back on Feb. 10th!

Click here for the video tutorial and please put a ton of comments on Frank’s blog and show him some love :-)  Tell him I sent you.  His “fluff-free” style of explaining the predicament that Google failed to announce is worth passing on.

What To Do Now: 1) Watch the VIDEO … 2) Comment and share … and as Frank says, 3) Have “an awesome day!”

The “Social Gathering Power” of Reunions

TSS ReunionOne of the most fundamental ways to stay united with your colleagues and friends is through the power of Reunions.

Unlike seminars or workshops, Reunion events are not episodic and thus create a greater sense of community and unity among the participants who attend.

(The picture on the upper left of this post is the SFO Marriott where I’m hosting my annual Teleseminarian Reunion this year – March 5th and 6th)

Click here if you’re in a big hurry and watch the video now.

If you’ve ever thought of hosting a conference, workshop or seminar, think instead of tapping into the continuity power of what a Reunion can bring to you and your tribe.

Reunions can be held weekly with professional networking groups like what BNI members do throughout the world, or monthly with private mastermind groups.  They can even occur every 60 days such as CEO Space gatherings or annually such as my Teleseminarian Reunion … even every decade like high school reunions.

The time of year or frequency isn’t as important as the gathering power that Reunions create. When I say gathering power, I mean building the sense of belonging or feeling of unity espoused by the members of your community.

And whether those communities are twenty or two-thousand members strong, there are 3 key advantages that Reunions participants have over attending episodic workshops or seminars.  These are the 3 unifying elements that espouse more social gathering power:

  1. Unique language or vocabulary
  2. Unique community or culture
  3. Unique facilitation or leadership

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or [Read more…]

VIDEO: Quickly Create Your First 10 Articles

Click the garnet arrow to watch this short video about how to quickly & easily create your first 10 articles!

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