“Priority” is the new Productivity

SuccessIn his roundup of the best tips of the week from Entrepreneur.com, Brian Patrick Eha makes a recommendation that violates the Principle of Priority.  Eha writes:

Do your hardest tasks first. Do your creative thinking and your most difficult work early in the day, before routine chores (handling emails, scheduling meetings and so on) have sapped your energy.

“Every decision we make tires the brain,” says David Rock, co-founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute.  “Save less complex work for later in the day,” he adds.


In my 17+ years of teaching Productivity strategies to entrepreneurs who market online, doing the most difficult work early in the day is the surest way to diminish personal productivity.

My five-word definition of Productivity is “Maximum results in minimum time.” And by “results” I mean what’s most important to attain success, not what’s most urgent to maintain success.

It’s not about what’s difficult or creative or hard that matters. What matters most is [Read more…]

What is “The Shift” Happening in 2013?

Do you “LIKE” Tim Ferriss?

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They talk about how things are going from a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) World to a “Done For You” (DFY) World.

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Daily Task Tips to Make Each Day More Productive

There’s a productivity principle called the “Rule of 5” which Jack Canfield taught me over 10 years ago.

He has since indicated many times during our monthly Ask Jack teleseminars that a daily practice of the Rule of 5 during his Chicken Soup for the Soul book launch days was significantly responsible for the meteoric rise and success of that book series.

That series he co-authored with another good friend, Mark Victor Hansen, is on a path to be the first book series, other than the bible, to sell over a billion books! 

Regardless whether or not Jack and Mark work the Rule of 5 as I do each week, I believe [Read more…]

Choose Deadline-Sensitive Vendors When Outsourcing

When choosing vendors, many people think that the most important attribute to look for is accountability. But I believe that deadline sensitivity is more important, because it protects your business and automatically guarantees a higher-quality vendor.

deadlineIf someone is deadline sensitive, they’re not only reliable, but they’re also accountable.

For example, imagine that you are meeting someone for lunch, and the person is late. If he’s accountable, he’ll own up to his mistake and say, “Sorry, my bad.” If he’s late again, he says, “Oh, sorry. My fault.” When he’s late a third time, he’ll say, “You know what, I just can’t seem to meet the deadline.”

When the deadline is a lunch meeting, you may be inconvenienced and irritated. But what if the deadline is for delivering sales copy, putting up a web page, or shipping your product? The result may be [Read more…]

How To Use Failure to Grow Your Business [VIDEO]

Failure is just a part of life. The key is understanding how to learn from failure in order to become a better, more successful person. I recently came across a video on this subject from the Harvard Business Review. If you’re at all interested in learning how to understand and learn from your failures, watch the video below:

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Download My FREE E-Book: 7 Step Guerrilla Marketing Action Plan

Marketing is war, anyway you look at it. You are battling other competitors. You are battling for mindshare of your prospects, customers and evangelists. Marketing IS combat and you NEED a strategy.

Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, has been teaching this since the 80’s. He has millions of books that have been printed in over 38 languages.

According to him, I have done more Guerrilla Marketing plans than anyone else living on the planet. I think there are about 8000 people who have learned how to write a Guerrilla Marketing plan through me.

Many of those plans have been one-on-ones. I think I have done over 3,000 one-on-ones in about five years. It’s phenomenal. I do group sessions now, and I teach one-on-many.

Like many others, you can join the ranks of successful people that are using this powerful tool to build and grow their business.

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3 Email Tips That Will Help You Be More Productive

How many emails do you get each day? How many emails do you get each hour? How many emails are in your inbox right now that have gone unread? I have three tips for you that will boost your email productivity. Watch the video below to find out what they are:

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How To Get More Testimonials From Your Clients

Everyone wants more testimonials from their clients, but not everyone knows how to go about getting them. I’ve put together a few tips that will help you start getting more testimonials. It just takes a little work on your end. Take a look:

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How To Have A Successful, Productive Business Meeting That Doesn’t Waste Your Time

If there’s one activity that entrepreneurs live into more than any other, which wastes more time or is more of a drudgery and drains their time and sucks their energy, it is business meetings.

In my experience, the reason for that is it involves other people, and other people may not honor your time as much as you do.

There is something you can do to have productive meetings: it all comes down to pre-meeting planning.

I like to spend five minutes of pre-planning time going over the points that I want to cover during the meeting.

Watch my video below to learn more:

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What Is An “Engaged” Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is binary. That means you’re either engaged in growing your business, or you’re disengaged.  There is no in-between.

According to my colleague Greg Habstritt, if you’re a disengaged entrepreneur, then you’re probably exhausted.  And as an exhausted entrepreneur you probably face each day living into activities that are draining and unproductive.

The reason I bring it up is because if you want more money, more clients and more time-off from your business, then becoming an engaged entrepreneur means saying “No” more often.

Engaged entrepreneurs say “Yes” only to those daily activities, joint venture partners, seminars and educational products that are relevant to their immediate growth needs.

It’s never too late to surround yourself with engaged entrepreneurs and on June 4th – 6th, I’m co-hosting an event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (founded by Greg Habstritt) that celebrates engaged entrepreneurs.

If you’re reading this post in time and it makes sense for you to say “Yes” (and you’re willing to say “No” to whatever you had planned that weekend) then click here to watch an important video I prepared for you and 11 other very special entrepreneurs.