Action Guides Accelerate Your Learning

If you teach at seminars, workshops and Inner Circle gatherings, then you want to take advantage of the power of the Action Guide principle.

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I’m writing here from my own experience when I say, “Action Guides accelerate the learning of your students, clients, patients or customers!”

Do what it takes to invest your time and money to create and get Action Guides into the hands of your audiences and the watch your sales and profits will grow!

I give my students Action Guides even when there are thousands in the room such as Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials events.  Click here to learn more about Peak Potentials and why their events have so much impact for lifelong learners.

If you attend seminars, then you already know how any speaker who takes the time, energy and makes the investment to put an Action Guide into your handswill boost and cement your retention on the content being taught.

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The Google Alert You Never Got

On March 11th, I received an email alert from my buddy, Marc Harty who posts his PR Traffic tips on this blog.

His email was disturbing because it was in response to an an email he received from my about my Virtual Book Tour with another buddy of mine, Harvey Mackay.

Here’s what Marc wrote me:

Alex, I wanted to let you know this right away … Gmail doesn’t show URLs with initial caps as link. This changed happened recently.  For a URL to be a link in Gmail it needs to contain:  1. the “www” and 2. all lowercase . Thought you should know.

Gee, thanks Marc … both  my emails for Harvey Mackay were in the queue and sent, so I couldn’t anything about it and I did get over 500 people on that VBT to listen in … but I wonder how many more people could have listened if I was aware of the recent change.

If you’re scratching you head right now say “Huh?” to yourself, then do yourself a favor and watch a 2 min. 5 sec video posted by Frank Bauer.  It’s the best explanation I’ve seen and he posted it back on Feb. 10th!

Click here for the video tutorial and please put a ton of comments on Frank’s blog and show him some love :-)  Tell him I sent you.  His “fluff-free” style of explaining the predicament that Google failed to announce is worth passing on.

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The “Social Gathering Power” of Reunions

TSS ReunionOne of the most fundamental ways to stay united with your colleagues and friends is through the power of Reunions.

Unlike seminars or workshops, Reunion events are not episodic and thus create a greater sense of community and unity among the participants who attend.

(The picture on the upper left of this post is the SFO Marriott where I’m hosting my annual Teleseminarian Reunion this year – March 5th and 6th)

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If you’ve ever thought of hosting a conference, workshop or seminar, think instead of tapping into the continuity power of what a Reunion can bring to you and your tribe.

Reunions can be held weekly with professional networking groups like what BNI members do throughout the world, or monthly with private mastermind groups.  They can even occur every 60 days such as CEO Space gatherings or annually such as my Teleseminarian Reunion … even every decade like high school reunions.

The time of year or frequency isn’t as important as the gathering power that Reunions create. When I say gathering power, I mean building the sense of belonging or feeling of unity espoused by the members of your community.

And whether those communities are twenty or two-thousand members strong, there are 3 key advantages that Reunions participants have over attending episodic workshops or seminars.  These are the 3 unifying elements that espouse more social gathering power:

  1. Unique language or vocabulary
  2. Unique community or culture
  3. Unique facilitation or leadership

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Will You Join Me On “The BIG Call?”

GlobalTSWeekMasterToday, December 1st, marks the first day of Global Teleseminar Week which also begins Teleseminar Marketing Season in winter and spring.

And on the first Thursday of December (for the past five years), I’ve hosted “The BIG Call” which is my biggest and most content-rich Teleseminar training of the year.  Do what it takes to join me, okay?

I really want you to clear your calendar for that evening and as you register for The BIG Call VIP Code: AM3964.  That VIP Code shaves-off $79 from the $99 tuition everybody will pay without it.

WHY Must You Participate? Because you’ll get private access to over 2 ½ hours of densely-rich content that will significant do two things for you:

1) More Money: You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of transforming your annual income into a monthly income within 3 years, or less!

2) More Time: You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of maintaining your current income (if you’re happy with your current income) and triple your time-off!

WHAT Is The BIG Call? It is a LIVE and unique Teleseminar training on how to grow (or start) a business by adding the cash-generating power of Teleseminars to your current and future marketing mix.

You will also get access to a 21-page Action Guide that you’ll fill-in during the call as you listen and follow along with me guiding you every minute along the way.

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The 7 Most Important Tele-Interview Questions

My students, my colleagues and even my mentors often ask me, “What are the most important Teleseminar interview questions to “Ask” or be “Asked.”

My answer is revealed in this brief video…

So please grab your mouse, click the white arrow and I hope I can motivate and inspire you to take this year’s Teleseminar Secrets training.

The 7 questions revealed in the video come from two Davids and one Dan.  The first four questions come from David Kolb.  Questions 5 and 6 come from Dan Sullivan and question 7 comes from the teachings of David Allen.

I’ve never met David Kolb, but I do know Dan Sullivan and David Allen.  This sort of lateral thinking can add an extra zero to your net worth, but you’ve got to take action and put these questions into all of the Tele-Interviews you do.

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The 4 Most Reliable Tele-Interview Questions

Kolb Post1Whenever I conduct a Teleseminar interview with a thought leader in my area of interest, I often lean on the four learning styles that researcher David Kolb discovered in the 1980s.

Your listening audiences typically fit into four distinct learning styles Kolb uncovered and they are: WHY learners, WHAT learners, HOW learners and WHAT IF learners.

Which of the four learning styles do you feel that you fit into?

Regardless of your learning style, I believe anyone can become a great interviewer if they focus on what Kolb’s findings over 20 years ago.

To make it easy for you, here’s the questioning sequence template I utilize in my own interview that is a trusted friend to inoculate me from embarrassment or and criticism from blowing an interview:

  1. WHY is (TOPIC) so important for our audience to learn more about?

  2. WHAT is (TOPIC) by definition?

  3. HOW does (TOPIC) work in a step-by-step process?

  4. WHAT IF our listeners utilized the strategies you are teaching us about (TOPIC), what would their live be like in 30 days, 90 days, 1 year?

Just fill-in your topic of interest where you see “TOPIC” above and you’re good to go!

You can also ask questions about obstacles or strategies or questions that are specifically relevant to your topic and audience. But the four questions you can’t live without are the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHAT IF questions.

I consider them my four most trusted servants to [Read more…]

The AM TeleSeminar Club – 5 Success Factors

jeff herring, article marketingBy now you are familiar with the Student-Affiliate-Partner Process that is available to students of Alex Mandossian.

The typical process takes three years. Some do it in less time – the shortest so far is 3 weeks. By taking action on what I learned in Teleseminar Secrets I was able to do it in 3 quarters and now Alex Mandossian and I are Strategic Alliance Partners.

On Wednesday night March 25th at 6pm PT/9pm ET Alex and I will be holding our second Affiliate Rebate Teleseminar.

Click here to get the Phone number and Passcode and you may tell up to two friends.  You can also and enter #AMTClub … even if you’re not registered with Twitter.

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Rediscover The 100-Year Old AIDA Formula

aida1Pop Quiz:  Of the many advertising formulas around, which one has been time-proven for over 100 years and involves only 4 simple steps?

Answer:  The A-I-D-A Formula.

The 4 steps are simple to remember:  First, you grab your prospect’s Attention (A) about your offer.  Second, you elicit their Interest (I) about your offer. 

Third, you amplify their Desire (D) to purchase your offer.  And fourth, you influence them to take Action (A) and descriminate in your favor with their wallet.

Here’s a quick recap for your review:

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

Easy right?  Not exactly. My experience with the time-honored AIDA Formula is that it’s simple to learn, but not easy to implement.  

Over the years, I’ve observed dozens of veteran marketers [Read more…]

Prospect Pulling Power Utilizing Teleseminars

write_110.jpgLet’s take a look at the powerful combination of article marketing and teleseminars, and the time your average prospect spends on each.

Web Page = 30 seconds.

When somebody comes to your website, that’s about all you have to get them involved in some way, and I’m being very, very generous when I say 30 seconds. Some studies say only 7 seconds.

Think about all the work that goes into a website, and you’re doing all that work for 30 seconds.

That’s a lot of work for 30 seconds.

Article = 5 minutes

One of the reasons why article marketing is so powerful is [Read more…]

Stick Strategy: The “Quick Start” Video Tutorial

If you’re an Info Marketer, then a superb “stick strategy” (maximizing profits while minimizing losses) is the “Quick  Start” video tutorial.

By having Quick Start tutorials (like the one you see below), you’ll automatically eliminate the single biggest complaint new students, clients and customers have which is: “How do I get started!?”

This is the actual Quick Start Video available to all of my TSS Alumni and new 2009 Teleseminar Secrets students.

TSS 2009 Quickstart Guide

Did you watch the video yet?

Even if you decide NOT to register for this year’s Teleseminar Secrets course, I want you to start utilizing “Quick Start” video tutorials.

You candid comment is appreciated in advance.