Teleseminar generates $200K in 2 Hrs

It happened Wed night, Dec. 7th.

Teleseminar marketer, Alex Mandossian, was interviewed by former Microsoft employee, Rick Raddatz, and what transpired over the next 2+ hours was astounding.

Over $200,000 in registrations was generated from this one call, despite technical difficulties and an ice storm where the Time-Warner teleseminar bridge line is located.

This was a $20 preview call for the $1,800 Teleseminar Secrets 8-module training (now SOLD OUT) and the response from listeners, replay audiences and colleagues made history because Alex also made his affiliate reselling partners over six-figures during that same 2-hour period.

If you’d like to listen to the entire call and get access to the teleseminar handout while it’s still online, please visit <---------------



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