Monetization of Yahoo! Podcasts

By Alex Mandossian

For information marketers, the real benefit is in monetizing the podcast. I don′t believe that is what Apple is trying to do with iTunes or what Yahoo! is trying to do with Yahoo! Podcasts.  I think their aim is to dominate the entertainment industry.

They′re not monetizing podcasts at 99 cents a song and $5 per month respectively.  My idea of monetizing is delivering an information product for $900 or $1800 using the fast, convenient, and usable delivery system of a podcast.

Since usability is a key in being able to monetize podcasting, I think Yahoo! Podcasts could become the provider of choice for information marketers.

Their service isn′t locked into just one player and software, and it doesn′t even require downloading their software in order to use it.

Also the site is extremely easy to use.  They have integrated the use of little icons on their site so that clicking one button will allow you to listen or download or even subscribe.

The icons are brilliant!  There′s a little horn next to the word “listen” and a green plus sign next to the word “subscribe.”  When I click “Listen,” I see easily recognizable icons for play, fast forward, rewind, and volume.  This is very easy to use, plus I can use this anywhere in the world.



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