Microsoft′s Strengths

By Alex Mandossian

What Microsoft has is a very strong online presence. They have the Internet browser – Internet Explorer – as part of their Windows operating system.  While many argue that it isn′t the best browser available, the fact is most of the people on the planet use it.

Podcasting got its name because people began downloading songs from the Internet onto their iPod to listen to.  But actually it is much more than that.  

Now people download talk programs and information products to their media players as well. And we now have a better selection of media players to choose from even though the iPod is still the market′s favorite.  Users can also listen to these broadcasts while online. 

What we have today could be better defined as webcasting than podcasting.  If Microsoft could somehow reframe this whole podcasting thing and call it webcasting, they could offer another direction.

Even though it′s the same thing, just by reframing the whole concept they could cause enough confusion in the marketplace to gain an advantage. 

I hope one day Microsoft will have a search engine for webcasters, people who are looking for podcasts online while looking at their computers.

Right now Microsoft has a huge advantage because of the MSN search engine.  While Google is the most popular search engine today, it′s no secret that all the statistics and case studies have shown that it is a male-oriented search engine.  

But MSN Search is a female dominated search engine according to the case studies that I read and according to my own experience.  Women love MSN search. They adore the densely populated words that are there.  They read everything. They stay on the search results and read for a long, long time.  

Could Microsoft offer something to the podcasting marketplace that nobody else is doing, something that would establish dominance in a certain area the way Apple has dominated the media player market with the iPod?

Perhaps.  Microsoft has many strengths and the world of podcasting is still evolving.



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