What Should Microsoft Do If They Really Want to Get Into the Podcasting Game?

By Alex Mandossian

In the emerging world of podcasting, several companies have already established dominance for themselves, and Microsoft isn′t one of them.

Apple is leading the media player market with their line of iPods.  They also own iTunes, the leading podcatching software found on our computer desktops and inside of iPods.

Yahoo! appears to be taking dominance in the online podcasting market with their beta version of Podcasts.Yahoo.com

Where does Microsoft fit in?  So far, it doesn′t fit in anywhere.  And if they try to compete with a similar product to one that is already out there, they′re going to lose.

While some say that it is too late for Microsoft to join the podcasting game, I believe that there are three areas where Microsoft can still dominate the podcasting world.



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