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There’s More To Life Than A Play List

16286066.jpgIt′s time to take the iPod to a new level. There′s more to life than just a “play list.”

There′s a “learn list” a “news list” and any other type of list you can think of.

Play list means music with the iPod, but the content on an iPod can go way beyond music. [Read more…]

.pdf on an iPod – Is It Realistic?

32351115.jpgIn episode #32 of Marketing Online Live, Paul and I discussed the fact that podcasting isn′t just “audio,” especially now with the Video iPod.

This means that anyone who subscribes to our content can receive any type of media through the podcast channel.

iTunes has embraced this by setting up little icons for different media.

They have the monitor icon if it′s a video or the icon that looks like a page if the media is a PDF file.

So the concept of shooting whatever media you want down the channel is definitely coming. [Read more…]

Is Your Technology Smart?

26559453.jpgIn episode #32 of Marketing Online Live, Paul and I were discussing the difference between “dumb” and “smart” technology.

Specifically iPods and MP3 players.

In essence, the devices themselves are dumb and the content is smart.

When I say “dumb,” I′m not referring to it in the bad sense of the term, like they can′t do anything or “dumb” as in stupid.

I mean dumb, as it can′t do anything by itself or alone.

It has to be given something to have “smarts” or a “brain.” The brain in this case is the content. [Read more…]

Winning The Podcast Game

7636072.jpgIn my last few blog posts I addressed the first 2 things that every business should know about podcasting.

#3: The game is won when your listener takes you with them.

Statistically speaking, most podcasts are consumed at the computer. The only way they′re going to take you with them is if you make it simple, easy and convenient to do so.

I take the path of educating my audience on how to consume the podcast on the go on the iPod or whatever podcast catcher vehicle they have. [Read more…]

Intimate Is Better

30452233.jpgIn the last blog post I wrote about the first of three things that every business should know about podcasting for your business.

This is that audiences are expecting and deserve to be able to time and place shift.

#2: The more intimate the communication, the less the distraction.

This is one of the most powerful things about podcasting. It′s what The Business Podcasting Bible is all about.

I′ve been waving the flag on marketing intimacy since I started marketing 10 years ago. Podcasting is intimate because it appeals to your sense of sound. [Read more…]

“Get Real Money”

Jim Guarino
Jim Guarino

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Does Disruption Mean Convenience?

30457953.jpgIn episode #31 of Marketing Online Live, I was in Singapore doing a tour of the Asian Internet Marketing School in Jakarta, Bombai.

I was there for 40 days, and it was an amazing trip.

During that episode Paul and I discussed the 3 things every business must know about podcasting.

I′ll write about the first one in this post and follow up with 2 and 3 in my next post.

Mark Thompson, Director of the BBC said: [Read more…]

“Risk & Grow Rich”

Kendra Todd
Kendra Todd

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Kendra Todd is a highly acclaimed Lecturer, Real Estate Investor and one of the highest producing REALTORS in the country. She became the first woman to win Donald Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice” on NBC.

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