Does Disruption Mean Convenience?

30457953.jpgIn episode #31 of Marketing Online Live, I was in Singapore doing a tour of the Asian Internet Marketing School in Jakarta, Bombai.

I was there for 40 days, and it was an amazing trip.

During that episode Paul and I discussed the 3 things every business must know about podcasting.

I′ll write about the first one in this post and follow up with 2 and 3 in my next post.

Mark Thompson, Director of the BBC said:

“There′s a big shock coming, the second wave of digital will be far more disruptive than the first. The foundations of traditional media will be swept away taking us beyond broadcasting.”

As you know the BBC has done a lot of podcasting, and it′s only going to get bigger.

There’s no doubt that podcasting is a disruptive technology. It allows a new and different way for people to process information and may threaten traditional media like radio and broadcast television.

Podcasting is also a disruptive marketing technology, which brings me to the first thing every business must know about podcasting.

#1: Audiences are expecting and deserve to be able to time and place shift.
Time and place shifting are relative terms. Time shifting is a natural thing and place shifting is a response to time shifting.

I don′t know if that means disruptive or not. I do know it means convenience – so if disruption equals convenience then I′m all for it.



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