Winning The Podcast Game

7636072.jpgIn my last few blog posts I addressed the first 2 things that every business should know about podcasting.

#3: The game is won when your listener takes you with them.

Statistically speaking, most podcasts are consumed at the computer. The only way they′re going to take you with them is if you make it simple, easy and convenient to do so.

I take the path of educating my audience on how to consume the podcast on the go on the iPod or whatever podcast catcher vehicle they have.

This isn′t easy for a lot of people because technologically they may not know how to download to their iPods in the first place. We as marketers and business people need to teach that.

Offline when I′m listening to it in an off-page medium; which would be the iPod for example, chances are I would have taught my audience how to do that because technology is involved.

So, I′m going to look for business people to do that in monetizing their podcasts and secondly I′m going to look for colleagues and business partners to give away their players like I do.

A great way to take all of the guesswork out of the technology (and the whole business of downloading) is to simply supply a “preloaded” media player.

The content is already there to be consumed wherever and whenever, but most importantly the consumer has the vehicle to “take me with them.” Talk about simple.



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