How Do You Market With Podcasts?

19183393.jpgIn episode #33 of Marketing Online Live I answered a very simple, but powerful question: How do I add podcasting to my marketing mix?

Here′s the answer: You do exactly what you′re doing right now.

You find out what your market wants most. 

You answer their questions, and you deliver the content you′re delivering right now as an information marketer, an author, an independent professional or a small business owner.

You continue to educate and provide the information your market is consuming – but now you add podcasting to the mix.

Podcasting is a medium that′s more convenient and more powerful because of the time shifting element.

By time shifting I′m talking about “convenience” time shifting. Your audience can enjoy your podcast when it best works for them – a few hours, days, or a week or two at most.

Convenience isn′t just about the iPod. It′s about casting a message and having it brought on to a pod – an MP3 player or any other device (pod) – that fits in the palm of your hand.

When you have time shifting and convenience together, you can monetize your message through podcasting.



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