Repurposing: The E-Book

trees_110.jpgIn the last blog post I talked about two ways to repurpose. Today I′ll talk about a third – the eBook.

An eBook is the digital equivalent of a printed book and is downloaded directly from the Internet as a PDF file.

A great example is the eBook PowerPause by Mr. John Harricharan.

PowerPause is a digital book that was repurposed several times over. He took one concept and splintered it into many products. With each repurposing, there′s more profit.

John took his eBook and turned it into an eClass on how to write a book and make it a bestseller. He then launched his website — which is another repurposed concept from PowerPause.

John′s book was initially geared toward the self-help spiritual community, but the largest percentage of buyers ended up being the Internet marketing community.

So John changed his marketing strategy and started targeting the Internet marketing community. And, in the process, turned his book into a bestseller.

If your book isn’t selling, rather then throwing up your arms in failure and think “I didn’t sell,” why not find a new market instead? I′m sure you′ll agree it′s much easier to find a new market than it is to find or write a new book.

It’s like a bamboo – there are so many different shoots that come from the initial seed. Take your one seed (the original book) and turn it into lots of different shoots just by repurposing.

And in John Harricharan′s words: “We never know where the road will take us. If we follow it through, and we follow it with vision and hope, knowing this is a product that came out of ourselves, that we were led to, we might just end up in a place that is so different and so beautiful from the one that we started from.”



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