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Teleseminar Secrets Tip # 16

FAQ: How do I conduct my first paid teleseminar when my online list is used to getting phone access to me at no cost?

Answer: Please see the video below.

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“You Can’t Take It With You”

Steven W. Allen, JD
Steven W. Allen

Listen to Virtual Book Tour…

For more than 30 years, Steven W. Allen has been
helping people plan how to best transfer their
hard-earned assets to their family . . .
and how to accomplish their estate planning goals
with the least possible confusion, cost or dispute.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Steven reveals
the story behind his latest book, You Can’t Take It With You.

The book promises to answer: “How will you leave it behind?”

Click here to add this book to your library.

“Pay Affiliates 90% Commissions for Fast Growth”

Coffee and a calculator on deskIf you want to explode your product launches with less human effort, then I suggest you start hosting $20 preview Teleseminars and pay your affiliate partners $18 for each $20 registrant they acquire (90% commission rate) so they will support you and your product launches … enthusiastically!

Most Internet marketers – these days – kick-off their new product launches with Affiliate partners sending targeted traffic to multi-media websites and stop there.

A time-tested and high-impact approach (that complements multi-media website promotions) is to kick-off your new or “evergreen” product launch utilizing a $20 “preview call” that pays out 90% commissions to your Affiliates who promote it.

The Point: By kicking-off your product launch with a preview call, you instantly and automatically increase the “marketing intimacy” between you and your prospects and often accelerates the revenue generating potential of your marketing.

Resource:  <— $20 Preview Call

Glossary: “Preview calls” are content-rich Teleseminars (often Affiliate-driven) that “preview” the promotion to a new product launch of workshops, “how to” courses, software products, etc.

Teleseminar Secrets Tip # 3

FAQ: In a Preview Call, what’s critical to include and exclude to maintain value and not give away too much.

Answer: Please see the video below.

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“The 4 Simplest Steps to Finding Your Voice”

3 World GlobesIf you want to start to “monetize” your passion, then it′s time to undergo these simple 4-steps to finding your “voice.”

Entrepreneurial CEOs, small business owners and info marketers can quickly and easily “find their voice” with two blank sheets of paper and can turn Pro in a week, or less!

The Point: The difference between an amateur Entrepreneur and a professional Entrepreneur is just ONE dollar!


Glossary: Turning “Pro” means monetizing your passion and at this moment, you′re just two sheets of (blank) paper away from “finding your voice” and $1 away from turning “Pro” in anything you love to do!

Teleseminar Secrets Tip # 14

FAQ: “How do I get the word out about an ASK Teleseminar website?

Answer: Please see the video below.

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“Repurpose Your Content for Accelerated Profits”

Hands with paper and cell phoneIf you want to grow your business faster, better and with a lot less human effort, then start thinking and acting as world-class information marketers do.

Every business is an info marketing business and you can instantly “repurpose” your promotional content for a broader reach into your marketing niche.

Almost any type of “content-rich” information can be repurposed into audio, video, written transcripts and any other format to influence a wider market demand.

The Point: “Repurposing” your content into multiple types of info products will boost your revenues, reduce costs and dramatically collapse sales cycles.


Glossary: “Repurposing” means to convert, reorganize or repackage one form of content for utilization in another format (info product).  For example, you can repurpose a recorded Teleseminar into a CD set or a book or a “how to” course, etc.

Teleseminar Secrets Tip # 20

FAQ: “How do I convince Thought Leaders in my niche to let me conduct teleseminars with them if I don’t have a proven track record?”

Answer: Please see video below.

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