Write Your Blog Posts by Repurposing

Watch, Book, and GlassesIf you think you don’t have enough ideas to post to your blog regularly, please read on …

If you have done teleseminars, written articles, done podcasts, written a book or an e-book, or are thinking of writing a book, then you have so many blog posts you won’t know where to start!

A 60 minute teleseminar has the potential for dozens of blog posts.  Your book or book idea is too many blog posts to count. And one 7 tips article is perfect for 7 (or more) blog posts.

Look at EVERYTHING you’ve already done and repurpose your own material into your blog posts.

The opposite of that works too.  If you have a lot of blog posts already, repurpose them into other products.  Your only limitation is your imagination.

Need more information about blogging or WordPress?

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