“Creative Imitation” Boosts Your Productivity

Kids at LockerIt’s often said that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

It’s also said by Alex Mandossian to “Never invent, always improve” which he also refers to as as Creative Imitation.

Peter F. Drucker, often acknowledged as the “father of modern management” also had something to say about this important marketing principle in The Essential Drucker.

Here are two interesting examples of creative imitation:

Example 1: In December of 2006 I took Alex’s Teleseminar Secrets Training for the first time. After Module 2, I decided to jump in and held my first teleseminar on Article Marketing on December 20, 2006.

Little did I know how huge a journey that first step would lead to, nor the rocket ride to success that was coming.

By “creatively imitating” Alex I soon discovered how to launch The Article Guy TeleSeminars – free weekly teleseminars that create at least 3 streams of income for me each week.

This led to my flagship telecourse, the Article Writing and Marketing Secrets TeleCourse, which has already led to 4 spin-off telecourses which I teach once a year.

Ezample 2: There is a “creatively imitated” tele-course called Article Writing and Article Marketing Secrets TeleSeminar Training for Virtual Assistants. 

Take a look at the productivity power of creative imitation by visiting and reading www.OnlineArticleMarketingCourse.com/jeff 



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