STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Bilaal Rajan – An Underage Overachiever Who is “Making Change”

Bilaal RajanMeet Bilaal Rajan.  He is 12 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada with his parents.

He started his first micro-fundraising campaign when most kids start reading.  At the age of four, Bilaal sold clementines to help raise money for the victims of a devastating earthquake in India.

Through his leadership, he has helped raise millions dollars for children in Southeast Asia, Haiti and Africa.  In March, 2005, Bilaal became UNICEF’s Canada Child Representative.

In 2007, he became the Mega Challenge “Top Vote-Getter” for Teleseminar Secrets.  In 2008 his new book, Making Change ~ Tips from an Underage Overachiever (Orca Book Publishers) is destined to become a worldwide best-seller!

You can help him out now by purchasing 3 copies of Making Change – one for you; two for parents who often show their disappointment in their kids.  Click here to get your copies.

When you meet Bilaal, you soon realize you’ve met someone special. His energy, his humility and unwavering commitment to the Giving Movement puts him in a class of his own.  And that’s why I’ve chosen him for my SmartStartGiving interview this month.

Click here to listen to my SmartStartGiving phone interview with this remarkable young man. To paraphrase Gandhi, Bilall is a living example of “being the change he wants to see in the world.”



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