So … What’s Your Story?

Power of Story CoverIn his groundbreaking new book, Dr. Jim Loehr, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Power of Full Engagement, examines the way we tell stories about ourselves to ourselves.

“When you change your story, you will transform your business and personal life,” writes Dr. Loehr.

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Because I’ve devoured his new book – 3 times – I want you to eavesdrop in on this VBT and hear me grill Jim on these fascinating topics:

Page 39:  “Why the premise of your story becomes the purpose of your life…”

Page 74:  “What the “Because I Can” syndrome is and how it can cripple you!”

Page 122:  “The 2 voices of storytellers – which one most likely requires rewriting…” <– This is a biggee!

Page 137:  “How the 3 rules of storytelling can change your life forever!”

Page 155:  “Why multi-tasking depletes your energy and lowers productivity…”

And much, much more!

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