The 3 “Marketing Paradoxes” Explained (Part 3)

30460087.jpgIn Part 1 of this Marketing Paradoxes three part series, you learned about the Paradox of Distribution which I defined as follows:

“You can’t get adequate distribution of a product until you’ve proven it can sell; but you can’t prove a product can sell until you’ve gotten adequate distribution in the market.”  

In Part 2, you learned about the Paradox of Choice which I defined as: 

“The more choices you have, the more paralyzed you become as a result of your inability to make clear buying decisions.  The more indecisive you become, the less freedom you have in making buying decisions.” 

In Part 3 (what you’re reading now), you’re about to discover and learn about the 3rd and most powerful Marketing Paradox which I coined as the Paradox of Syndication

Here’s my first crack at its definition:

“The greater the percentage of visitors – readers, listeners, viewers – who consume your content on your own websites or blogs, the less relevant you become on the World Wide Web.”

If you want to grow your business faster, better and with less human effort (especially if you’re an Info Marketer), utilize the Paradox of Syndication as your instant passport to more wealth and status.

J. Paul Getty said, “I’d rather have 1% of one hundred peoples’ efforts than 100% of my own.” That quote notes the principle behind what fuels the Paradox of Syndication.

Any form of syndication can empower your online or offline business to grow faster and gain more marketing reach faster, better and with less personal effort … even if you’re starting from scratch!

Written another way, the Paradox of Syndication insinuates:

“The greater the percentage of visitors – readers, listeners, viewers – who consume your content on other websites or blogs, the more absolute relevance you’ll have on World Wide Web.”

I know that may sound a bit “counter-intuitive,” but isn’t that what a paradox is?  Remember in Part 1 how Wikipedia defines “Paradox?” 

Here it is again for your quick review:

“A Paradox is a true statement that leads to a contraction or situation which defies intuition; or inversely, it can be a contradiction that actually expresses a non-dual truth.”

From a marketer’s perspective, the principle of syndication means getting more “market reach” faster, better and easier.

And when it comes to gaining more “market reach” for your business (especially if you’re an Info Marketer), you must learn how to make your content more available (through the power of “syndication”) on other websites and blogs.

Example: If you produce a live Tele-Webcast on your own website or blog, your affiliate partners will be far less motivated to send you traffic than if the Tele-Webcast or Teleseminar or Webinar was available on their websites or blogs.  

The practice of sending traffic without getting paid is commonly called bit slinging in Internet Marketing circles and many of the top affiliates simply refuse to do it. 

But if you utilize InstantTeleWebcast, you instantly and easily have the ability to “syndicate” your content so it can simulataneously be distributed (just like a newspaper, radio or television show) on many other locations (websites and blogs) besides your own!

Once you start thinking this way, you become a syndicator, just like Ted Turner, Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch or Oprah Winfrey. 

The major TV networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Networks, all acquired their market reach and status as a direct result of the power and force of syndication.

In the 20th century, Albert Einstein remarked that “the principle of compounding is the most powerful force in the entire Universe.”

In the 21st century, Alex Mandossian says that “the principle of syndication is the most powerful force in the Marketing Universe.”

Key Point:  Your future marketing success – online or offline – is determined by your future ability to syndicate. 

Once your start capitalizing your syndication capabiltities and make your content available other websites and blogs (as well as your own),  you’ll enjoy more market reach, faster, better and easier. 

End of story.

If you want to see the power of syndication in full force, visit my Teleseminar Secrets Blog and you’ll discover promotional videos that are viewed more often on other websites and blogs (such as YouTube) than my own!

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