Prospect Pulling Power Utilizing Teleseminars

write_110.jpgLet’s take a look at the powerful combination of article marketing and teleseminars, and the time your average prospect spends on each.

Web Page = 30 seconds.

When somebody comes to your website, that’s about all you have to get them involved in some way, and I’m being very, very generous when I say 30 seconds. Some studies say only 7 seconds.

Think about all the work that goes into a website, and you’re doing all that work for 30 seconds.

That’s a lot of work for 30 seconds.

Article = 5 minutes

One of the reasons why article marketing is so powerful is when someone reads an article, you have them for 3-5 minutes. Just for round numbers and to make the math easy in my head, we’ll say 5 minutes.

You’ve got 5 minutes where they’re reading your approach to a problem, a little bit of your personality, and your approach to solving problems. The know, like, and trust factor begins.

With an article and 5 minutes, you have 10 times the amount of time that you typically have on a website.

Now can you find time to write 300 words in 30 minutes? You get 10 times the amount in an article as you do on a web page.  

Teleseminar = 60 minutes

If you do a 60-minute teleseminar that’s 12 times the amount of time of an article.  It’s 120 times the amount of time that you spend browsing a website.

It’s that much more time where a prospect is focused on what you’re teaching for 60 minutes.

I guess the question is, why not use all of these? Why not have a website? Why not have articles on and other article directories, and why not have teleseminars and use all of these? It’s not either/or or just a few – use them all!

If you’ve had their attention for 5 minutes, why not give them a link to a recording of a teleseminar you’ve done. You’ve had them for 5 minutes, and now you’re going to get them for 60 more.

So it goes from article, to resource box, to an audio. Why not offer that in the resource box, a recorded teleseminar, and offer the link to it in the resource box?

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