Here’s Why “Progress” Exceeds “Perfection”

In this video I argue why “Sloppy success is always better than perfect mediocrity.”  Wouldn’t you agree?

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach often says: “Choose progress, not perfection.”  I encourage you to take Dan’s advice (in the New Year) and watch my video (below), so you too can become more productive faster, better and with less effort.

Watch this video and then please post your comment. 

What To Do Now: Think of ONE project you’ve wanted to start – or finish – during the past year, but your perfectionism has crippled and even paralyzed your progress

Whenever you find yourself paralyzed in a perfectionist moment, remind yourself why “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity. 

Here’s what I have written on my PC’s screen saver that assists me to blasts through my perfectionist moments … it’s a declarative quote I once heard from Tony Robbins:  “If I can’t, I must.”



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