Rediscover The 100-Year Old AIDA Formula

aida1Pop Quiz:  Of the many advertising formulas around, which one has been time-proven for over 100 years and involves only 4 simple steps?

Answer:  The A-I-D-A Formula.

The 4 steps are simple to remember:  First, you grab your prospect’s Attention (A) about your offer.  Second, you elicit their Interest (I) about your offer. 

Third, you amplify their Desire (D) to purchase your offer.  And fourth, you influence them to take Action (A) and descriminate in your favor with their wallet.

Here’s a quick recap for your review:

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

Easy right?  Not exactly. My experience with the time-honored AIDA Formula is that it’s simple to learn, but not easy to implement.  

Over the years, I’ve observed dozens of veteran marketers make the mistake of moving too fast to second half of the AIDA Formula – the Desire and Action part – which results in losing the sale (and the prospect) for life!

The AIDA Inverted Triangle:  The best way to envision how the A-I-D-A process can work better into your marketing communications is to picture an inverted triangle like the one you see above.  

As you can see, the inverted triagle has four sections.  Each section (from top-down) grows smaller in size because each section depicts the percentage of prospects you’re likely to influence to move through the AIDA process.

The first section at the top (Attention) is the largest because getting a prospect’s Attention is easier than eliciting their Interest to continue watching, listening or reading more about your offer.

Moving downward, the second section (Interest) is, of course, larger than the third section (Desire) because it typically is easier to elicit a prospect’s Interest about your offer than to amplify their Desire to buy.

Moving farther down the inverted triangle, you’ll notice how the third section (Desire) is larger than the fourth and final section (Action).  This is because it’s easier to amplify a Desire to buy than to influence Action.

The biggest mistake I’ve observed most marketers make is that they expect one promotional communication such as one email message, one teleseminar or one direct mail letter to do all of the heavy-lifting and capture the sale.

It’s much easier to convert even your most skeptical prospects into buying customers, if you split the AIDA Inverted Triangle in two parts.

I want you to imagine that Attention-Interest and Desire-Action are split into two separate parts instead one 4-step formula and let’s turn to Teleseminars as our marketing example.

The aim of your Teleseminar is NOT to move your listeners through all 4 steps of AIDA.  Teleseminars work wonders in grabbing  Attention and eliciting  Interest from prospects to learn more about your offer, but it takes a website to amplify their Desire and influence Action.

Case Study: One of my most profitable Teleseminars I’ve ever conducted took place on the evening of December 4th, 2008.  It was the Preview Call to help fill my Teleseminar Secrets training series.

Over 255 new students took Action and made a $2,500 decision.  Yet if you listen to the call, you’ll notice how its context was to simply grab Attention and elicit Interest from my listeners.   That’s the A and I, or half of AIDA.

Where the D and A came in is when I referred the 1,600+ listeners to my website

It was at that website where most of the promotional heavy-lifting was done with video testimonials, frequently asked questions, success stories, irresistible bonus gifts and a solid money-back guarantee.

What To Do Now:  Split the AIDA Formula in half the next time you conduct a Teleseminar promotion.  The aim of your Teleseminar is to grab more Attention and elicit more Interest about your offer … that’s the job of Teleseminars.

During the call, send listeners to your online sales letter (website) in order to amplify their Desire to buy and take Action with their wallet. 

As I said before … AIDA is simple, but not easy.  But once you decide to split it in half, you can lengthen and fatten the bottom section (Action) of the AIDA Inverted Triangle.

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