Got “Affiliate Signup” Access On Your Blog?

alex-point-up1Do you see Affiliate Signup button (the one I’m pointing at) on the upper left side of this blog?

I published that button a week ago (as an experiment) to test if I’d get a “passive” spike in attracting new Affiliate Partners and so far, I’ve doubled my daily Affiliate sign-up rate.

Even if this “doubling” effect doesn’t continue, “shame on me” for not adding that button to my blog sooner!

How about you?  Do you have an affiliate program?  Do you have a blog?

If you answered “YES” to both questions, then I encourage you to ask yourself this question before you put your Affiliate sign-up button on your blog:

“Do I want my Affiliate Program to be ‘closed’ or ‘open’?”

A “closed” program is typically only available to Affiliates who have also purchased one of your offers.  An “open” program is available to anyone who is in good standing with you and wants to promote your offers.

For the first 8 years of my online marketing experience,  I had a “closed” affiliate program.  But it is now “open” as a result of wanting to build-out the AskAlexToday “outer circle” calls held on the first Thursday of each month.

Turning Pro: The difference between an “amateur” and a “professional” is $1.  The moment you make your first dollar, you’ve turned “pro” from my point of view.

Since my goal to get you to “turn Pro” as fast as possible, I’ll bend over backwards to make your commission checks as “rich” as possible.

Key Point: I’ll pay you a 90% commission on most $20 Teleseminars I promote, so with ONE referred sale you’ll  “turn Pro” 18X over!  (Yes,  I pay my Affiliate Partners $18 out of the $20).

The reason I mention the 90% commission is because that’s exactly what I encourage you to do with your own Affiliate Partners.  Overpay them for all of your low-end offers (like a $20 Teleseminar or eBook) and they’ll be more enthusiastic to promote your offers more often!

My self-serving reason to give my Affiliate Partners the “better-end-of-the-deal” on low-end promotional offers (even if they have tiny lists) is to inspire, motivate and persuade them to promote more often on my behalf.

It’s that simple.  I call it “self-serving benevolence” – It’s self-serving because they are promoting for me more often and it’s benevolent because they’re getting paid a lot more than typically expected.

What To Do Now: Get registered for my Affiliate Program by clicking the Affiliate Signup button you see on the upper left side of this blog – on the navigation bar.  And then as soon as you make your first dollar with me, tell me your story at



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