Vote For The “Tagline” You Prefer Most

Recently I changed the “look and feel” of this blog.  Although I’m happy with the graphics, I think my tagline on the banner can be improved.

It currently promises this:

“Practical Marketing Tips for Information Publishers, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurial CEOs”

leaning-to-rightThis morning I crafted four more tagline ideas which I feel better expresses the “promise” of this blog.   Take a moment and “comment” on which of these four choices (A, B, C or D) you like most.

A: “Proven Strategies for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get More Done – Faster, Better and Easier”

B: “Tested Marketing Tips That Boost Your Profits and Productivity – Faster, Better, With Less Human Effort”

C: “Practical Ideas for Entrepreneurs to Get More Done – Faster Better, Easier”

D: “Principle-Centered Strategies that Boost Profits and Accelerate Productivity”

Feel free to add your own ideas if you got a better one.  Any suggestion will be most appreciated and I plan on changing the existing tagline by the end of this month.

Please vote in the Comment Section.



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