Every Biz is an Information Marketing Biz

vbt-blog-post1Do you believe the headline to this post is true for you?  Do you feel your business is an information marketing business?

Here are four questions for you to consider:

Q1:  Do you own a business card?

Q2:  Do you have a website or blog?

Q3:  Do you maintain voice mail?

Q4:  Do you send thank you letters?

If you answered “YES” to any of the 4 questions listed above, then your business is an info marketing business.

Granted, you may not “market information” for a profit, but you utilize information to market your business.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s my point: If you’re an author and info publisher; or, if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business faster, better and with the least amount of human effort, click here to get the full story about my VBT Secrets course.



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