How To Increase Productivity In Business Meetings

If there’s one activity that can waste more time, it’s typically business meetings. Why? It’s because it involves other people, and other people may not honor your time as much as you do. I’d like to give you three tips that will help you get more done at business meetings in less time. It just requires that everyone follow the rules and guidelines set.

Productive Meeting Tip #1: Start your meetings five minutes after the hour. Starting five minutes past the hour will help increase your meeting productivity because it gives you time to prepare, especially if you happen to have an earlier meeting that goes a bit longer than it was supposed to.

Productive Meeting Tip #2: When you start the meeting, set an intention at the beginning. Decide what you’re going to talk about, and how much time you have. If you can anticipate that you start on time and end on time, your meeting productivity will go up.

Productive Meeting Tip #3: Plan your agenda points. Plan them in advance. Spend some time the day before to create your agenda.

To learn more about each tip, please watch my short video below:

What other tips can you offer for meeting productivity? I’d love to read about them. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 



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