Dave Winfield Stopped By At UIBC!

National Baseball Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield took some time to stop by and see me at the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp a few weeks ago! It was great to have the time to talk with him about the event, as well as the exciting launch of my new and only membership site, MarketingOnline.com!

MOL is not for entrepreneurs or independent professionals who believe that achieving a wildly successful lifestyle requires a strict separation between your business and personal lives.

We’re a community of family-centered entrepreneurs who whole-heartedly believe that the exact opposite is true: that the ONLY path to joy and success is to combine your personal and professional lives.

We believe in being yourself 100% all the time, no matter who you’re interacting with or what role you’re playing. Treating your customers and colleagues with the same level of devotion and care as you do your family. And structuring your business so that it enhances – rather than detracts from – your family’s health and happiness.

Dave Winfield will be participating in this exclusive community, and I want you to as well.

We believe that the growth of the global economy and our own financial future can be accelerated once we start resolving the common conflicts between our family and business lives. A family-centered organization that learns, markets and grows together, stays togetherClick here to join us!



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