Leverage the Principle of Recommendation

comment buttonThe most powerful persuasion tool is the principle of recommendation. It’s a principle that all entrepreneurs should incorporate into their marketing, because we’re in the midst of what’s been called the Recommendation Age.

The principle of recommendation is not the same as the principle of referral. Recommendations are more active. You’re not just referring; you’re putting your reputation on the line by recommending it.

If you look at the Internet and you go to Amazon.com, what are you allowed to do? You’re allowed to rate a book. When you go to You Tube, what are you allowed to do? You’re allowed to rate a video. When you go to Ted.com, you’re allowed to rate a speech. When you go on social networks, you’re really rating each other just in your commentary.

When writing marketing copy, this means that the new call to action is not Order Now, Buy Now, or Opt-In Now. The new call to action that you want to use is getting people to comment and share.

By getting people to comment and share, you get them to commit, which is a key principle of influence identified by Dr. Robert Cialdini, best-selling author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Influence. You also get them to share, which is the Cialdini principle of consensus or social proof.

Commenting is someone’s personal commitment. When they comment on something you have said — in a video, a blog post or a Facebook post — they’re more likely to share, because now they have watermarked that lesson or that teaching or that post.

So what does recommendation have to do with persuasion?

Everything. If you have lessons, a product or a service that customers, colleagues and affiliates are recommending you, then you’ve just geometrically increased your persuasion power.

In fact, it’s a lot more persuasive if someone else says that you’re true, rather than you making the claim yourself. Think about it. How many times does someone say, “I have high integrity. I always tell the truth.” That’s not very believable, even though it may be true. But if someone else says it about you, now you have a recommendation in your favor.

If you want more recommendations, more persuasion, and more influence toward your products, your services, or whatever it is that you’re offering, or if it’s you as a brand, involve people. Teach the people in your tribe to recommend you. Use the call to action of “Comment and share.”

As you move out into the world with your sales and marketing, ask yourself, “How do I get other people to comment on this and share?” That’s the question that will take you to a whole new level.

What tactics have you found to be most effective in engaging your tribe? Share your thoughts below! ~ Alex



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