Use a Consumption Matrix for More Effective Copy

Seasoned copywriters know that if prospects can envision or experience themselves using the product or service being promoted, it becomes much more emotionally compelling for them to buy. An easy way to get into your prospect’s world is to use a consumption matrix.

consumption matrix | business travelerA consumption matrix is a grid that answers when your product or service is being consumed, how it is being consumed, and why it is being consumed. (This is why we call customers consumers.)

Imagine a grid with three columns. The first column says, “When?” The second column says, “Why?” And the third column says, “How?”

Each row is a point of consumption – a situation where customers could conceivably consume your product. A point of consumption is in front of your computer. A point of consumption is in the car if you have an information product. A point of consumption could be on a plane if you have a laptop.

Let’s say you bought the Personal Power by Anthony Robbins, a home-study system that includes CDs.

Some “when’s” for this product include while driving to and from work in rush hour traffic, while mowing the lawn, or while doing the chores around the house.

Others “When’s” include with your spouse after the kids fall asleep, during a plane trip to a business or family outing, during a lunch break at work or at home, or on the subway, ferry or bus in a metro area like New York City.

Each “When” has a corresponding “Why.” When commuting to and from work or sitting on a plane, the “Why” is to use dead time as a source of learning and inspiration. When mowing the lawn or doing chores, it is to make the chores more fun and get more brain food instead of just wasting time.

Once the kids fall asleep and you can sit down and listen to it with your spouse, that “Why” is to become better at communication with your family members and to grow closer to your spouse.

The third column is “How.” The “how’s” are different. If you’re driving, forget about DVDs. That doesn’t work for you. You will get into an accident. So, you’d only listen to audio CDs or mp3s.

If you’re mowing the lawn, you can use your mp3 player. Or, you can just blast the stereo on your front lawn. Those are both different “How’s.”

On a subway, you could use your mp3 player. You could even use your laptop to watch a DVD.

Now, imagine if you have this consumption matrix in front of you describing when, why and how your future customers could consume your product or service. You can easily incorporate descriptions of these consumption experiences into your copy. Won’t that make it easier to write powerful copy?

Do you use a consumption matrix when copywriting? Share about your experience below! ~ Alex



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