3 Steps to Amplify Desire with Bonus Gifts

AIDA — Attention, Interest, Desire, Action — is a classic formula for copywriting success. For most copywriters, the first two steps of grabbing attention and generating interest are relatively easy when compared to motivating prospects to take action. Bonus gifts are a tried-and-true way to amplify prospects’ desire to the point that action is irresistible.

bonus gifts with purchaseHere is the three-part formula for success with bonus gifts:

  • Tell prospects that the bonuses are free with their purchase.
  • Describe the bonuses and present the items as a list. Incorporate graphics of your bonus gifts whenever possible.
  • Finally, tell prospects the value of each item – and of the total bonus gift package.

To see an example in action, go to www.TeleseminarSecrets.com and then click the anchor tab at the top of the page titled “Bonus Gifts” to see the bonus gifts and how they are presented.

I also included a link just below the bullets at the top of the page that says, “So if you’re ready to start, please proceed to the next web page where I reveal the $51,740 in free bonus gifts and return each year at no cost claiming your Free Alumni status for life!” This stimulates visitors’ desire to learn more and take action – even before they’ve read the page.

Remember, that writing a sales letter or web page is like putting in pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You don’t have to write the sections of copy in order.

Because the description of your bonuses is vital to your copywriting success, write this section before you write your sales letter or web page. It will be a lot easier to write it when you are fresh, rather than waiting until after you’ve drained yourself by writing headlines, bullets, benefits and all the other pieces of copy that you need.

Once you’ve drafted your bonus gift copy, take a look at your competitors’ bonus gifts. You might say, “Oh man, this is amazing. I can’t believe they gave this bonus gift.” If you have that reaction, is there a way that you can offer that free bonus gift, too?

One final tip: Amplify desire for your bonus gifts even more by limiting the availability of at least some of the gifts. You can use a time limiter (“by Friday January 7 at 5 PM Pacific”), a number limiter (“this offer is limited to the first 43 who say yes”) or both.

I did this once at a conference in Baltimore. Of the 700 attendees, about 80 of them stood up in the middle of my presentation, ran to the back of the room and purchased what I was promoting at the time, which was Teleseminar Secrets.

They took action without knowing the price, the bonus gifts, or the discounts. They took action based on my limiter alone, which was: “By the time I’m done with this page on the action guide we’re on right now – which will be in the next five minutes – all bets will be off with the special offer I’m giving you.”

I told them what they were getting as part of the seminar-only special offer that was available only for those five minutes. I believed it was irresistible. More than 80 attendees agreed, because they signed up without knowing the price.

What lessons have you learned about using bonus gifts to amplify desire? Share your thoughts below! ~ Alex



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