9 Ingredients for Powerful Order Pages

alex mandossian order buttonWhen web site visitors get to the order page, many marketers think, “I’ve got ‘em!” But going to the order page merely demonstrates that a suspect is now a prospect. You can’t celebrate the sale until they click the “buy” button – and what you do on your order page can dramatically influence their decision.

Here are 9 tips for creating more powerful order pages:

1. Make your online order pages like offline direct mail coupons. Many online marketers make the mistake of including only billing information on their order pages. But this focuses the visitor’s attention on how much money is being spent.

Instead, take a cue from offline marketers who include coupons in their direct mail offers. Summarize the offer in your reader’s voice – for example, “YES, I want to save time and money on selling, so sign me up for this teleseminar series.”

2. Put a checkbox next to the “Yes” when restating your offer. (For an example, click here and look at the checkbox next to “Count me in, Alex!”) You might think it’s irrelevant to have that checkbox, because it doesn’t affect anything on the order form. But the checkbox is one of the most important features of the site, because it involves the reader.

3. Summarize the bonus gifts you’re offering. This helps visitors understand the full value of what they get when purchasing. For greatest impact, include graphics of each bonus gift, as well as a description.

4. Emphasize the risk-free nature of the offer by including your guarantee. Make the guarantee easy to read, and make the process of asking for a refund look easy, so that the prospect feels in control. You may even want to add your phone number to your unconditional guarantee.

Also want to include your photo with your guarantee. One technique I’ve used is to have a popup with my photo and personal guarantee appear after a visitor has been on the order page for a few seconds. It’s a powerful way to call attention to the risk-free nature of the offer.

5. Remind visitors of the security of your order process. Tell them that the transaction is 100% secure.

6. Include a testimonial from a well-known person in your field to reassure uncertain prospects. The order page is one of the best – yet most overlooked – places to incorporate testimonials.

7. Overturn objections with FAQs. If you can pinpoint the reasons that orders are abandoned, include one or more FAQs to address the common questions or objections that sabotage your sales.

8. Increase the transaction size with an upsell offer. Upsells are most often presented on a separate page after the buying decision for the original offer has been made. But if your shopping cart doesn’t support offering upsells this way, you could include the upsell offer on your main order page.

9. Finally, put an audio message on your order page. Audio increases involvement with your marketing copy and allows visitors to connect with you.

Many marketers write their order pages as an afterthought, figuring that once visitors land on the order page, they are ready to order. The fact is that many order pages and shopping carts are abandoned. Dramatically fewer people go to your order page than land on your home page, so use these 9 tips to create more effective order pages.

Do you use these elements on your order pages? How has it affected your results? Please share your thoughts below! ~ Alex




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