How to Sell Your Domains

domain for saleSelling domains is one way to make money as a domainer. Some domain sales will be straightforward to negotiate. Others will make you second-guess yourself, wondering whether you could have made more money. Keep reading for proven tips to making domain selling easy and painless.

According to the domain trading and monetization experts at Protrada, a good rule of thumb is selling for 2 to 3 times what you paid for the domain.

You can usually sell domain names in the same places you buy them, such as listing and auction sites. (Click here to see a list of five places where you can buy domains.)

A key question to consider is do you want to make money quickly or is it more important for you to sell for top dollar?

If you want to sell quickly, target investors. Just like you, other domainers are looking for good-quality domains they can buy at a decent price, then resell for more money. Another domain investor may be willing to pay you enough to turn a profit, then invest the time and energy developing the domain into a greater value.

If you are focused on getting top-dollar for your domain, selling to an end-user is your best bet. These are the companies or individuals that will host a web site at the domain for the long haul or perhaps use the domain to redirect to their existing site. To find end users, use listing services or even contact buyers directly.

If you don’t want to passively wait to see what happens with a listing or auction site, actively promote your domain sale to try getting potential buyers to come straight to you.

For example, you can issue a press release. It may not be picked up by a major news outlet, but a press release that’s distributed online will be indexed by search engines. A potential buyer may find the press release during a normal online search.

You can use pay-per-click advertising, such as Google Adwords. Use the ad to direct visitors to your auction page or to a web page that informs visitors of the sale and provides your contact information for interested buyers.

Finally, you can contact potential buyers directly. Think about who might want your domain for their business. Be forewarned: some potential buyers will get angry at the intrusion. Many will not call or e-mail you in response to your offer.

If you do connect with a potential buyer, be prepared to explain the value of the domain. Help them recognize their potential return on investment.

Protrada recommends a tool called Estibot’s Lead Generator to help you develop a lead list when approaching potential buyers directly. The tool also can appraise domains, so you are better able to set a reasonable asking price for your domains.

One final way to sell your domain is to enlist the services of a domain broker. This can be tricky. Because brokers work on commission, they typically deal only with high-quality domains. If you’re a new domainer with only a few lower-end domains to sell, you probably won’t be able to use a broker.

What do you recommend when it comes to selling domain names? Share your suggestions below! ~ Alex

Source: Domaining 101, a free e-book from Protrada. Download your copy here:



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